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Short Letter – Need a break

Dears, I need to apologize for not writing but I am overloaded with my private issues at the moment and I am afraid the next half of the year at least won’t be… Continue reading

Maryna! Maryna, gotuj pierogi! Maryna! Maryna, cook me pierogi!

Please note at the beginning: in Polish – pieróg – singular, PIEROGI – plural (no -s at the end of the word!) There are not too many people in Poland that don’t know… Continue reading

Carp or Pacu with Spinach – Karp ze szpinakiem

Carp? Christmas Eve. It is usually the first association you get in Poland although carp belongs to 50% freshwater catch and was present on the Polish tables already in XII/XIII century. Digging in… Continue reading

Good Friday Fish

Bank holidays on Good Friday? No! No, you don’t have it in Poland. It is a normal working day, so you don’t celebrate it with a special meal, you simply go to the… Continue reading

Polish Red Cabbage Soup – Kapuśniak z czerwonej kapusty

This soup belongs to the sweet-sour fraction of the collection of Polish soups. It is loved by my daughter, although, is not really very common in Poland. You can find recipes in different… Continue reading

Easter Lamb and Bunny Cake

Easter Lamb doesn’t exist in Brazil! You have plenty of bunnies and chocolate eggs in Sao Paulo but no single lamb, not even a single yellow chicken what somehow implies that Easter bunny… Continue reading

Homemade Chicken Galantine – Domowa galantyna z kurczaka

Easter is approaching quickly so please, let me use the opportunity to show you one of the standard dish in our family, Polish festive food with French roots: chicken galantine (ballotine) that my… Continue reading

Polish Cucumber Soup – Zupa ogórkowa

“Życie duchowe zupy ogórkowej wielkie jest” [Big Cyc] ‘The spiritual life of cucumber soup is great” No, I don’t want to discuss the quotation given above in my post, neither the music nor… Continue reading

Gietrzwałd Salad – Sałatka Gietrzwałdzka

Sałatka Gietrzwałdzka (Gietrzwałd Salad) is a Polish regional dish coming from Warmia region, nowadays, the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship. The salad is not famous in whole Poland but it is worth trying. It is simple… Continue reading

Polish Salmon the Yellow Way – Łosoś na żółto po królewsku

Discovering the XVII century Polish cuisine – Polish Salmon the yellow way (Łosoś na żółto po królewsku from: Compendium ferculorum) Salmon royal the yellow way is the first recipe from the chapter dedicated to… Continue reading

Spinach-Tomato-Tortellini Salad

Spinach and tomatoes began their existence in Polish kitchen only at the end of XIX century. Nowadays, it is hard to imagine that our ancestors thought that they are unhealthy and poisonous. It… Continue reading

Multigrain Bread – Chleb wieloziarnisty

“Do kraju tego, gdzie kruszynę chleba podnoszą z ziemi przez uszanowanie. Do darów Nieba Tęskno mi Panie.” [C. K. Norwid] “For that land where a scrap of bread is picked up from the… Continue reading

Skubaniec z owocami – “Nibbler” with fruits

In 80’s of last century this cake was baked almost by each family in Poland especially in summer or autumn when the fresh fruits are in abundance. You can find different and not… Continue reading

Śledzik (small herring) – Mardi Gras or Shrove Tuesday

Celebrating the last day of carnival so-called “śledzik” (small herring) in Polish, cannot take place without herrings in Poland. Originally herrings were served together with “żur” (kind of white borsch) in the night… Continue reading

Fat, fatter, Fat Thursday – Warsaw Doughnuts (excellent!)

The summer holidays have gone and with it an access to the Internet, computer and my kitchen is finally back after my last almost two months’ absence. Fat Thursday, the last Thursday before… Continue reading

Merry Christmas – Szczęśliwych Świąt Bożego Narodzenia

May this Christmas time will be very special to you and the New Year brings the all big and small things that make you happy. There were lots of preparations “at the Polish… Continue reading

Toruń Gingerbread Fullproof (Piernik toruński niezawodny)

Toruń Gingerbread Fullproof (Toruński piernik niezawodny) according to XIX century L. Ćwierczakiewiczowa’s cookbook: “Jedyne praktyczne przepisy” Fullproof is only once by me but the Polish name sounds like that: niezawodny – foolproof or… Continue reading

Polish Sorrel Soup (Zupa szczawiowa, Sopa de azedinha)

It is rather hard to buy the sorrel in Poland. Everyone has it from his own garden or picks it just in a meadow or in a forest. The sorrel soup is a… Continue reading

A herring! A herring! My kingdom for a herring!

While living in Germany, I missed the Polish curd cheese (twaróg) foremost, although I could find some not too bad substitutes. Living in São Paulo makes things much worse. “No cheese Gromit! Not… Continue reading

Red Borscht (Barszcz Czerwony) – one version of millions

  Actually in Polish it is not borscht, it is: Barshch – “sh” like in shame and “ch” like in chocolate or Chekhov Starting my blog with something different from beetroot? No, I… Continue reading

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