Easter Lamb and Bunny Cake

Easter Lamb and Bunny Sand Cakes

Easter Lamb and Bunny Sand Cakes

Easter Natural Dyed Eggs - Kraszanki

Easter Natural Dyed Eggs – Kraszanki

Easter Lamb doesn’t exist in Brazil!
You have plenty of bunnies and chocolate eggs in Sao Paulo but no single lamb, not even a single yellow chicken what somehow implies that Easter bunny comes from an egg. There is a season for chrysanthemums not narcissus or tulips. Luckily here, you can always find something in blossom. No cherry blossom, however.

If you are a Polish and want to stick to the tradition and have the Easter lamb symbol during the festival, just do one – bake, make from butter, sugar or chocolate or go into the craft direction and use modelling or polymer clay.
In Poland lamb is an important symbol, a metaphor of Christ and his sacrifice, that is inextricably linked with the tradition of Easter. It actually goes together or just not exists separately. Even when you are not really very religious you are accustomed to the symbol and cannot imagine the Easter without it.

Although Easter has already gone I think you will like the recipe for one of the typical Polish Easter cakes that you can prepare not only for Easter – babka piaskowa (butter-sponge cake) that in direct translation would be the sand bundt cake.
The cake is typically made in a bundt pan but you can bake it in the loaf pan or in the Easter lamb or, of course, bunny pan or in whatever pan you posses. For the Easter animal cakes is especially good since it is maturing in 2-3 days so you can keep it during the Easter as a decoration and then eat it with pleasure. However eating the cake needs drinking too – some milk, tea or coffee will do the job. Don’t wait for the next Easter. It is not necessary.

The recipe comes from “Współczesna Kuchnia Polska” by Henryk Dębski, Warsaw, 1985

Lamb Sand Cake

Lamb Sand Cake – Piaskowy Baranek Wielkanocny

Butter-Sponge Cake with Milk – Sand Bundt Cake – Babka piaskowa z mlekiem

(amount for the lamb and bunny)

150 g all-purpose flour*
150 g potato starch flour*
1.5 teaspoons of baking powder
180 g caster sugar
180 g butter
75 ml milk
4-5 eggs (yolks and whites separately)
Lemon aroma or extract (feel free to use orange, cream or different one)
Butter and fine bread crumbles to the backing tray


1. Mix the flours with the baking powder and sieve.
2. Whip butter and sugar and add successively egg yolks 😉
3. Beat the egg whites
4. Combine the batter with milk, lemon aroma, egg whites foam and flour – use some silicon or wooden spoon
5. Pre-heat the oven to 150-160°C (302-320 F)
6. Prepare the backing tray – smear the butter and sprinkle the bread crumbles. If you have the animal form, use the Al-foil to wrap it in the base of it since otherwise it can leak out
7. Put the batter in the backing pan and into the oven
8. Bake like 20-30 minutes and increase the temperature to 180°C (356 F) and bake further 10-20 minutes or unless it is done (the stick goes out without any batter on it)
9. Cool down and take out of the backing pan
10. Sprinkle with the caster sugar (you can use a simple lemon or chocolate glazing, too)

* You can use only potato starch flour in place of the all-purpose flour (altogether 300g) to have gluten-free cake, although I have never done this but recipes claim that.

Easter Bunny Sand Cake - Piaskowy zajączek wielkanocny

Easter Bunny Sand Cake – Piaskowy zajączek wielkanocny