Gietrzwałd Salad – Sałatka Gietrzwałdzka

Gietrzwałd Salad - Sałatka Gietrzwałdzka

Gietrzwałd Salad – Sałatka Gietrzwałdzka

Sałatka Gietrzwałdzka (Gietrzwałd Salad) is a Polish regional dish coming from Warmia region, nowadays, the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship. The salad is not famous in whole Poland but it is worth trying. It is simple as was and is the kitchen of Warmia and Masuria. The kitchen of the region rich in lakes and forests was based on what the inhabitants cropped and bred and what they have gathered in the forest and caught in the lake.

Gietrzwałd is located in the heart of Warmia, where KGB started to be active and soon after it UB and SB which all are cultivating the culinary tradition of the region 😉 There are not, however, the Russian Committee for State Security (KGB), neither the Security Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (UB, SB) in the communist Poland. Here, the specific sense of humour of the Warmian women took place. Thus, KGB means Koło Gietrzwałdzkich Bab (Gietrzwałd Women Circle), UB – Uniszewskie Baby (Uniszew Women), SB- Sząbruckie Baby (Sząbruk Women).

The beans-cucumber salad can be a perfect dish for the summer light lunch or supper. The recipe has been adopted from the Kuchnia Regionalna book by Hanna Szymanderska.

Gietrzwałd Salad – Sałatka Gietrzwałdzka


300g of white beans (soaked overnight and cooked; I used however the carioca beans in lack of white beans)
2 long cucumbers (peeled and cut in small cubes, the size of the beans)
1-3 garlic cloves
1 bunch of dill (finely chopped)
Salt, black pepper


  1. Peeled and cut in cubes cucumbers, sprinkle delicately with salt, leave for some minutes
  2. Smashed the garlic (you can rub it with the salt and black pepper and add the juice from cucumbers to dilute it a bit in order to combine better with beans and cucumbers)
  3. Combine the cucumbers, beans and finely chopped dill together with the garlic, a bit more salt if necessary and black pepper (or the garlic sauce)
  4. Cover and cool down in a refrigerator for 2-3 hours.